CBC Sports broadcast coverage of Olympic bobsleigh team announcement in Montreal. Dec 16, 2013.

#WeAreWinter: Kaillie Humphries' Canadian Olympic journey | Sochi 2014

2013 WinSport World Push Challenge Highlights
Canadian domination!! Your champions: Heather Moyse & Jesse Lumsden

Shaw TV Interview with Chris Spring (June 2013)
Christopher and Erin chat about training, looking ahead to Sochi, and why this will be an exciting season for Christopher.

Shaw TV Interview with Justin Kripps (June 2013)
Erin talks to Justin about making the transition from growing up in Hawaii to coming to Canada and getting involved with Bobsleigh.

Shaw TV Interview with Jenny Ciochetti (June 2013)
Jenny and Erin chats about off-season training, the importance of how it sets the tone for the competition season.