2010-2011 Skeleton National Teams Announced!

November 18, 2010

After 3 grueling and stressful but extremely competitive Selectin Races in Calgary and Whistler, the National Canadian & the National Development Skeleton Teams have been named! 

Representing Canada in the Whistler, BC World Cup, December 02 - 2010: 

Jon Montgomery
John Fairbairn
Michael Douglas

Mellisa Hollingsworth
Amy Gough
Sarah Reid

Coach:  Duff Gibson

Departing for Europe on November 19th to represent Canada on the National Development circuits:

The Inter-Continental Cup Team
Charles Wlodarczak
Rob Derman
Eric Neilson

Michelle Kelly
Darla Deschamps
Micaela Widmer

Coach:  Nathan Cicoria / Kelly Forbes

The Europa Cup Team

Paul Fraser
Ryan Good

Michelle Bartleman
Robynne Thompson

Coach:  Keith Loach


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