National Bobsleigh Team shares new mittens with Montreal Children’s Hospital patients

October 30, 2012

Montreal Children’s Hospital patients were treated to a surprise today, as they received the new Canadian Olympic Mittens, delivered by members of the newly announced 2012-2013 Canadian National Bobsleigh Team.

“It’s a great honour to be a part of the strongest World Cup program Canada has ever fielded. This is my fifth season and I’ve never seen talent this deep. This season will set the tone for next year’s Olympic season. We have very high expectations of ourselves, and wholeheartedly believe we will be a top contender for at each World Cup race.”

         ….Cody Sorensen (Ottawa) 

“As national team athletes we have an inherent responsibility to give back whenever called upon to do so. I spent several months in the hospital when I was younger, and I can fully appreciate the small things that might help to lift spirits.”

         ….Cody Sorensen (Ottawa)

"It’s a great privilege to be named to the National Team.  It represents the pinnacle of my hard work and sacrifices as an athlete.  It also brings me a step closer to realizing my dream of representing Canada at the Olympic Games. As a rookie brakeman, my focus is to continue to train hard and to learn as much as I can from my coaches and teammates.  I am confident that my skills attained from track and field, and my competitive nature, will transition well.  Combined with the drive and talent of my pilot, I have no doubt that we will have success this season."

         …Chelsea Valois (Zenon Park, Sask.) 

“Coming back from injury I feel such a sense of accomplishment making this year’s team. I feel I have succeeded in more ways than one by being named to this group of high-caliber athletes.  I love having the opportunity to join my teammates in our first outing together at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. I always look forward to giving back to the community. To see the smiles and warmth coming from these kids is as rewarding as winning a medal to me.”

         …Chris Spring (Calgary) 

“Being named to the National Team this year means so much to me because I have never been at this level of competition and I’m excited to experience it. I love the idea that my team and I can kick off our season by going to the Montreal Children’s Hospital and put smiles on children’s faces. It is such an uplifting event where we can help children be children and escape from their sickness for a few hours.”

         …Christine Bushie (Stony Plain, Alta.) 

“One of my personal expectations of elite athletes is being a well-rounded person. Personally it's very important to me that we exercise our bodies, and our social responsibility. It's very humbling to learn everyone's different perspective on life goals. Being surrounded by children is a positive reminder to inspire the Nation's youth to live healthy active lifestyles, and when given unexpected burdens whatever they fight, believe, and always appreciate the journey. This is a great way to kick off what I expect to be an exciting season. We have a strong committed team who is extremely focused and driven. With the incredible support from our Eurotech sponsors, our mechanics, our coaches, and our behind-the-scenes-staff, we have overcome many obstacles.”

         …Emily Baadsvik (St. Stephen, N.B.) 

“Role-models have always played a big role in my life and I've always wanted to become one for others. Playing professional football was the first chance I had at having a platform to positively influence young kids and I jumped at every opportunity I could to interact with them during my career. With the abrupt end in my football career, part of me was disappointed because I lost that ability to inspire young people. Today it is an incredible feeling to be named to the National Team. It’s one of the biggest goals I have ever accomplished and feel tremendous pride. I also feel as though I have a second chance to make a difference in the lives of young kids, and I am so thankful for that. If in my life I get to inspire or affect one child's life in a positive way, it will give more meaning to my life than any medal ever could.”

         …Jean-Nicolas Carriere (Rockland, Ont.) 

“I'm really excited to be joining the World Cup Team this year. It should be a challenge to move up to this level as a pilot and also fun with so many athletes being named to the team. I think it is fitting to launch our season by getting involved with the community and hanging out with kids while we launch the COC's newest red mittens campaign. I have mine and I encourage all Canadians to show your support, by getting your Olympic mittens too!”  

            …Jenny Ciochetti (Edmonton) 

“We as athletes are so fortunate to go out and do what we do everyday. It is our right as role models and as representatives of our country to give back to the people that support us and cheer us on to victory. I relish the opportunity of  meeting and spending some time with Canadian youth. I can’t think of a better way to kick off our World Cup season than to enjoy this opportunity as a team to have a positive impact on the kids in the Montreal Children’s Hospital.”

         …Jesse Lumsden (Burlington, Ont.)

“Competing on the World Cup as a pilot for the first time is a huge accomplishment for me. I set lofty goals for myself when I jumped into the drivers seat after the 2010 Olympics, and thanks to a lot of hard work, incredible coaching and support from athletes and staff at BCS, we qualified a third sled for the World Cup.

         …Justin Kripps (Summerland, B.C.) 

“I enjoyed having the team announcement at the Children’s Hospital. At the end of the day, a huge reason we are out there representing Canada is to inspire the children of the nation, and this is an awesome way to accomplish that goal.”

         …Justin Kripps (Summerland, B.C.) 

“I am so excited to be back on the Canadian team, and I hope that I will be able to come in and make a difference. I am a father of six, so being able to interact with kids is a big deal.  If I can help to put a smile on a child's face, then it makes everything seem worth it.”

            …Lascelles Brown (Calgary) 

“One year ago I was spending a lot of time in the Calgary Children's Hospital visiting my niece who succumbed to brain cancer. I remember how brave and positive she was and it really touches my heart to be able to interact and maybe be a positive distraction to these great little role models.”

         …Lyndon Rush (Humboldt, Sask.)

"It means a great deal to be named to the National Team since I've battled injuries these past few years after being forced to retire in 2010. It has been a successful comeback, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. The ultimate goal is Sochi, and this year is a huge stepping stone for our team. Positive results this year will only be built upon next year, as our team is new, and has a lot of growing to do. This year is about creating momentum, and we plan to do just that."

                  …Adam Rosenke (Edmonton) 

“I am extremely proud to have the opportunity to represent our nation in international competition and be able to continue pushing myself to see what I am physically capable of. I think it is an amazing opportunity to be able to kick things off by interacting with a group of young kids at the hospital.  We will have the opportunity to share our experiences, and hopefully leave them with a some great inspiration and help nurture their desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle."

                  …James McNaughton (Newmarket, Ont.) 

“Being named to this team is completing another part of the process on the road to Sochi 2014. The goal this year is to be number, and let that momentum continue into 2014.”

               ...Neville Wright (Edmonton)


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